Mission Statement: Stories that Matter seeks to empower YOU to create authentic and life changing stories with uplifting merchandise. 

Stories that Matter was created with you in mind. For nearly five years, I have been honored to share stories to the world from the University of Mississippi Journalism program, a local TV news station in Macon, Ga. and currently in Atlanta, Ga. There are millions of stories out there just waiting to be told. My goal is to always share Stories that Matter - no matter the obstacle.

Stories that Matter strives to remind storytellers to get back to the root of their communities by sharing stories that truly make a difference. Stories that Matter is committed to reminding people worldwide that their voices can be heard across the world. Regardless of how how small or how big the story is, it matters. We can never forget that. Our goal is to empower storytellers across the board to create authentic, life changing, and uplifting stories.
We hope you join the journey because your story matters. We hope that our merchandise and inspirational messages influence you to never forget the importance of your story and those in your community. Welcome to the family!
- Stories that Matter, CEO