Stories that Matter

'Stories that Matter' seeks to empower YOU to create authentic and life changing stories through uplifting merchandise and impactful stories.

Through all the parts of the journey that are so unexpected, you can prevail and you can be better. 

Adric Samuel

As a journalist, I feel like my story is the way I connect to other people; and that makes it easier for me to be able to tell other people's stories.  

Iyani Hughes

Stories come in many different voices, ages, genders and religions. I feel like every story deserves to be heard. 

Gabrielle Nelloms

My story matters

"You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built in the human plan. We come with it.” - Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid's Tale

Your story matters

“It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” -Patrick Rothfuss, author

Their story matters

“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” - Sue Monk Kidd, author

Our story matters

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